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kolibri ALTU RUNA presents series of holistic solutions and projects inspired by nature for a healthy planet.
Focusing on the preservation of the rainforest, ecosystems and natural traditions ALTU RUNA develops solutions for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants aspiring a harmonic and balanced life with nature.
To preserve our green planet, we need holistic solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. The aim of ALTU RUNA is to demonstrate and practice ecological alternatives for a sustainable future. One of our biggest concerns is the destruction of our rainforests and ecosystems. Our goal is to preserve the largest possible areas rainforest from deforestation and to reforest deforested areas sustainably. ALTU RUNA's vision is a sustainable future that can preserve and guarantee access to our vital resources such as pure water, fertile soils, clean air, healthy foods and natural remedies.
As a collective responsibility, YOU can join our effort to protect nature from environment degradation and spread the knowledge that will guarantee a more natural way of living for us and the future generations.


Tree sponsorships

Let's plant new forests together !!! New trees for new forests !!!
Everyone can plant 1, 10, 100 or 1000 trees in life to rebalance the own consumption of wood ( paper, furniture, firewood, timber, ect. ). If it is not possible for you to plant trees personally, we will gladly help you with this.
You can sponsor one or more trees and give an important contribution to the preservation of our forests. With your tree sponsorships you will support the growth of native trees in the Peruvian rainforest and promote sustainable reforestation and biodiversity conservation.
We plant especially the endangered species to preserve the native biodiversity and support the species protection.
Join us and contribute for a lively and colorful planet !!!

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